Sunday, September 27

This Weekend

we didn't do much. I enrolled Jens on a swimming lesson yesterday morning. That pretty much occupied us. Afternoon was shopping time. I went to the shops alone to look for a crystal report book but didn't find any. I ordered one from QBD - it is cheaper there than in Angus and Robertson. I can't resist doing some retal therapy for myself and Mcj. I bought a pair of earrings and something else.

Then, made another trip to the shops later, this time with Jens for food shopping. He had two rides in The Wiggles ride. We had early dinner and I got away from Jens for an hour or so and sorted out our winter clothes to keep away and took out the cooler ones (it's getting warmer here and sometimes we need the ceiling fan turned on in the lounge). I realised, I have clothes that I don't wear anymore. It's a shame, it cost heaps to ship to the Philippines for my rellies. Yeah, I gave hand me downs to my cousins back then.

I did some washing today and while Jens is asleep, I made fish cakes for lunch and now I'm blogging away after eating.

It's a sunny day but cool - brought by a gusty wind sometimes.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, folks.