Friday, February 16

What Do You Do?

... when it is raining or just gloomy and about to rain?

I love...
  1. donning my pjs, jump on the bed and have a good cuddle/snuggle to my pillow [Hubs if he's available ;)]
  2. surf the net of anything, chat with friends, blog or do any net thingie.
  3. watch an interesting movie with a good cup of cuppa.
  4. think, reminisce, be mushy, or just sit in one corner and feel the nature takes it course.
  5. play under the rain - when i was a kid [i miss this sooo much].
  6. read, read, read.
  7. do cross-word puzzles [new addition].
  8. be oblivious of the things that's happening around me... zzzzzz.

I could do a lot more, if im not drown in my own slumber. ;))

It has been gloomy for the past 4 days... switching from overcast to drizzle to dogs and cats rain. But I refuse to let the mood hit home. I am happy, yeah, coz I wont be sweating at the middle of the day, I don't need to water the plants. The laundry can wait.

*I hope Hubby can't read this as he doesn't want it to rain. Not good for business. =))


gracita said...

"rainy days and mondays always get me down"...

when the weather is gloomy, i feel gloomy too. like you, i just want to stay at home and snuggle under the covers, sleep, read and watch movie/tv.

Princess of CJ said...

i think our mood goes with the weather. ;)) its still gloomy here, and im bound to finish a book today and maybe start another one.

happy weekend, gracita!

cess said...

naku, sana nga tumigil na ang ulan para laging good ang business ni hubby :)

Princess of CJ said...

hi cess, makulimlim pa dn ngayon pero d na umulan at di rin mainit. favorable for both of us. hehehe!

have a great weekend!

dangkin said...

ako? same pa rin, as if nothing's happening around me :P miss ko na rin ang paliligo sa ulan! sabay tayo sa ilalim ng gutter, feeling shower! he.he.he.

ayaw din ni loveydovey pag umuulan, lalo na't wala pa kaming garage ngayon, kasi mababasa at madudumihan ang bago nyang car and that would mean another car wash for him! =))

Princess of CJ said...

hey girl, online ka again, pm kita d ka sagot. busy ka cguro. umaraw na ngayon, ang tindi.

gusto ko nga rin minsan under the gutter. paglabas mo sa laundry room namin, lakas ng bagsak ng tubig, nate-tempt nga ako minsan eh, kaya lng takot akong lagnatin. hehehe.

wala bang valet parking ang hotel? oo nga naman, kakainis ang ulan. :))

ann said...

Dito sa amin walang ulan baka pwede rito business ni hubby mo...hahaha!

But honestly, miss ko na rin ang ulan.

Princess of CJ said...

hi ann, hehehe. actually, ngayon lng ayaw nya kasi he's catching up. ;)

okay lang ang ulan basta hindi bumaha! ;))

have a blessed day!

Mich said...

I don't like rainy days that much. But these days sana umulan, it's getting HOT here in Pinas and I can feel SUMMER! Waaah, ang aga!!

Princess of CJ said...

aga naman ng summer jan! uwi pa naman ako this week end. summer yong aalisan ko then summer dn pupuntahan ko? waaaaa! pero ok lng kasi marami fruit pagsummer db? ;))