Saturday, April 14

Do You know Your Shoes

I am a shoes person and I am sure most women are. My Husband call me the next Imelda Marcos. But my knowledge about shoe kinds is just very limited to what are commonly known as closed-shoes and sandals/clogs. Now, no more! Thanks to BeautyDen article about shoes.

Women certainly love their shoes. Are you like Carrie Bradshaw, the sassy fashionista character played by Sarah Jessica Parker in the HBO hit series Sex and the City, who has some $40,000.00 invested in a closet full of shoes but has yet to wear all of them?

Do you know your shoes? If you do know your shoes, then well and good for you. You can go ahead and skip the rest of this article.

But if you do not have even the smallest of ideas as to what kinds of shoes there are around, then perhaps it may interest you to skim through the rest of this piece. So, do you know your shoes?

Ankle strap shoes. Ankle strap shoes are shoes that have buckled or elastic straps that are fastened around the ankle. They can either be sandals or pumps. However, ankle strap shoes where the strap is a ribbon or string that is wrapped many times around the ankle and are tied are more often called ankle wrap shoes.

Ballerina flats. Ballerina flats are footwear that have flat heels and closed toes. Aside from these, ballerina flats often show most of the top of the wearer’s foot and are also styled like slippers.

Clogs. Clogs have thick platform heels, traditionally made of wood but can now be made from other materials. They also have closed toes and open backs.

d'Orsay pump. A d’Orsay pump is a type of shoe where the sides are cut away to reveal the arch of the foot.

Espadrilles. Espadrilles are slip-ons made of woven fabric and with a flexible sole. The fabric making up the shoe is usually canvas.

Kitten heel shoes. Kitten heel shoes are pumps with thin and low heels set. These heels are set in from the back of the shoes and often emphasize the feminine shape of the heel.

Mary Jane shoes. Mary Jane shoes are shoes that have straps over the top of the foot. These shoes can either have just one strap or more than one. Mary Janes also come in different heights.

Mules. A shoe is a mule if the back is open and the toes are closed. But unlike clogs, the heel of a mule can either be chunky or slender, regardless of height.

Platform shoes. A platform shoe has a thick sole at the front. The heels can either be wedged, thick and chunky, or even stilettos.

Slide shoe. A slide shoe is a slip on shoe that has either a single strap or a set of straps across the top, but with both the toe and the back open. A slide shoe can come in flats or can also have a heel of any type or height.

Sling-back shoes. If a shoe has a strap at the back instead of having a full, closed back, it is a sling-back shoe. A sling-back shoe can either have an open toe or a closed toe.

Stiletto shoes. Stiletto shoes have slender, high and pointed heels. They are also called spikes.

Wedge. Wedge shoes are those that have triangular heels that run from the back of the shoe to the middle or even the front, creating a wedge shape. Wedge shoes come in different heights.

Isn't it interesting? My vocabulary in the shoes department has expand. :D

Now, let's talk about shoes!


ann said...

Alam ko lang yung rubber shoes....hehehe. Di ako masyado mahilig sa shoes.

Princess of CJ said...

hi ann! d nga nakalista ang rubber shoes.. just found out after posting. hehehe. bakit kaya? ;P

mitsuru said...

ngayon alam ko na ang pg kakaiba ng mga sapatos ng mga prinsesa. LOL

napadaan lang po.

lady cess said...

hindi rin ako mahilig sa sapatos - ngayon ko lang nalaman yang mga sinulat mo :) tsinelas saka sandals, :) pero hindi siguro sa level mo kasi pang-imelda ka na pala, hehehe.

dangkin said...

dami mo na pala naisulat, girl! :)

i'm into espadrilles now! --except of course when we're at the golf course and bowling lanes-- the one i have has a soft sole so kahit na mataas, carry pa rin! he.he.he.

Princess of CJ said...

@mitsuru, thanks for dropping by! damay mo ako, now we know! :D

@cess, exagg lang si hubs about imelda. hehehe. basta shopping ang usapan, lagi akong nasa shoes section kasi. for him kasi, not necessarily na madami ang shoes kasi pwede namang gamitin everyday ang one pair. ;D

@ dangkin, yup girl.. d ako busy! :D di ka na ba nag-oonline?
comfy nga ang espadrilles db? parang counterpart ng ballerina flats sa pinas. btw, hindi ba lumuluwag ang canvass espadrilles?

Mich said...

haaay, SHOES. my weakness. alhthough between shoes and bags, I would still go for bags since most of the time I'm home naman.
the funny thing, recently Hubby and I talked about the shoe rack that we will be having in our new house. Grabe, hindi ako pumayag na isang row lang! LOL!

Princess of CJ said...

hi mich! i love both shoes and bags pero shoes ang first love ko. hehehe. im home most of the time din these days, kaya nakatago lahat ng shoes ko. ;D

i agree, maganda ang maraming rows para walang limitation ang shopping. tsaka hindi kasya ang stock mo. :P