Tuesday, April 10

Why I Love Washing Whites

I have a love-hate relationship with laundry eversince I got the masters degree in Homemaker... :D particularly with whites. I love hanging the clothes on the line. Yup, we do the convential and old way of drying and airing clothes.. hanging them on a rotary clothes line. We do get an average 274 sunny days in a year, so a dryer is not a necessity. Besides, our washer has only 2 rinse cycles that I feel sunny-touch is a must. But I hate folding them... and these darn whites are stick-in-the-mud. The supposedly sparkling color turned to yellow, gray, you-name-it-color the more I washed it. I even banned Hubs in wearing white clothes and reckon that we shouldnt buy any white washable stuff.

Until I started using bleach. This isn't pricey, special, sophisticated, the best-in-the-market, extra-ordinary performing agent.... just an ordinary bleach with hot water in a bucket solve my dilemna. There are bleaching agents in the Philippines, Zonrox, was popular to me but I wasnt an avid user. I may have not really realized the purpose of the said bleach, thus, I didnt rely to it.

Now, I really recognize the benefit of using bleach that I even soaked multi-colored stuff.. and the beauty of it is, I can left it sitting for more than two days/nights and I dont get any foul smell. I just get results more than what I expected.

Who said, doing laundry could be this fun? Yup, I am looking forward to washing more whites. :P Thanks to the manufacturer of the bleach.


dangkin said...

bleaching overnight? grabe yan ha! at pati colored stuff pa! baka sunod nyan lahat ng damit nyo color white na..hi.hi.hi.

cess said...

hahaha! i can relate. oc rin ako sa labada. pero im cautious about bleach, medyo hindi maganda ang mga experience ko dyan :) gustong-gusto ko rin ang tuyo sa araw, iba ang amoy diba? ang bango-bango! hindi ma-duplicate ng mga downey ang amoy ng tuyo sa araw.

Princess of CJ said...

@dangkin, minsan nga two nights pa, if i feel too slouchy to do anything. hehe. nakalagay naman sa instructions that you can bleach colored stuff as long as it doesnt fade.. alam mo na, those old stuff na parang umiba na kulay sa collar, sleeves and seams.. they look new after the bleach. :D

@cess, when i was in pinas, i only use bleach to take stains away from white stuff.. pero yong bleach na gamit ko ngayon, hindi naman nya chini-change ang kulay ng mga damit namin. ;D sabi ko nga, kung makapagdala sana ako ng bleach sa pinas, id like nanay to try it. hehehe.