Friday, June 13
The little boy now knows how to slurp spaghetti. Look at the effort. Don't you think he's cute? Oh don't forget the dimples. At first, he can't finish slurping because he bite it but well, he's getting the hang of it. Bad thing is, he doesn't bite the food that you offer him rather slurp them.

He'll get used to slurping and biting soon. The mercury is dropping everyday and staying indoors is always an option (poor outdoor furniture) as well as feeding the pig in us.
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Posted by Princess of CJ at 12:07 am |


At 10:11 am, Anonymous sunshineforlife said........
he is getting bigger each na gid, sis! huggg him for me. :) he loves spag? hmmm we can eat together. hahahaha

At 10:49 am, Blogger Princess of CJ said........
he loves anything sis. but spag is fun to eat.

well, sis we all can eat together. mcj and i love spag also. :)

thanks, sis.

At 4:02 pm, Blogger Belen said........
cute boy with 2 big dimples

At 11:49 pm, Blogger Princess of CJ said........
hi belen, thanks for the visit. :)

At 6:19 pm, Blogger Eds said........
awwwww ur baby is so cuteeee!!! sarap kurutin!!! :)

was here sis! ;)

At 10:07 pm, Blogger Princess of CJ said........
@ eds, thanks sis. :)

At 6:48 pm, Blogger Mich said........
awwww, what a cute photo! you captured it just in time! :) is he teething already? good thing hindi sya nangayayat ano?

At 11:09 pm, Blogger Princess of CJ said........
hi mich, thanks for the visit.

he's got 4 going 6 teeth as of now. yup, thank God, hindi sya nangayayat. matakaw kasi. hehehe. his teething were not visible in his appetite. he had never refused his food. and im glad.

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