Thursday, September 16

Techie Issues

Last week, my gmail account was hacked. It gave me such a big fright as all my blogs were deleted. I have to change my password. That same week, I tried to login to my bank account and it required me a security code – and I was told today that it is not a normal procedure. Only happened for new accounts and if there are some malicious movements in my account.
Today, my windows explorer kept on crashing. We tried to over-ride it with a fresh copy (it wouldn’t let us). Did virus scan that ended up deleting my ITunes file (that I’m currently downloading). My colleague did a start up repair to no avail. Finally, we did a system restore from yesterday and it did it.

Half of the day gone, tweedling my thumb and facebooking using my phone. All these techie issues are no fun like buying red box gifts for friends.