Sunday, September 19

Quiet Time

I woke up early today to a very quiet house. I know it's not unusual but what's different is I am not in a hurry to go somewhere i.e. work. I wake up early on weekdays to get ready to work and I don't get to savour the quiet and the moment of moving around the house alone. Plus, I was able to enjoy my coffee albeit infront of a computer.

I have blogging to catch up before I get drowned with my Little Man and house chores. So here blogging away about what is the best diet pill for women while sipping the last drop of my coffee and listening to Jewel, Stay Here Forever.

I'm in a good mode despite I lost my file saved in an external drive that I just unplugged without saving. I have to research later how to recover it. It's also raining but I won't let it dampen my mood. It's Sunday! Life is good.

I leave you with this song:



Amelia said...

hope you can still recover the lost files :)

have a rainy Tuesday to you!!!