Friday, October 1

Aussie Dollars Rising

The aussie dollar is rising against the green backs. And as the news proliferating in tv and print, it’s the perfect time to travel overseas and go online shopping. There’s only a few cents difference in us and aussie dollars and the prices of the goods overseas are way cheaper. I’m really tempted.
Yesterday, I’ve been browsing a women store site and how I wish I can figure out how does the shopping work. You see, they don’t ship overseas and I know just the right website to go to but it takes time to do it. Time, that I currently don’t have.
There’s really nothing that I need right now, but just want. And only because they’re on bargain. I wonder if hospital uniforms, cotton scrubs, etc also go on sale. Surely, if they do people who are interested by those scrub sets. As for me, it will be a battle of will in the coming days unless the opportunity for me to spend to much time online arise.