Sunday, October 10

Bling-y Doll

This doll is the most expensive of the Barbie Doll range donning a 3 carat pink diamond. A whopping 510,000, USD I suppose. It is for auction to raise money for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. The designer of the necklace and gown is from Sydney, Australia.

Whoever will buy this doll will surely have to guard it with his/her life. I reckon, a secured display case or a safe box at the bank. The latter doesn’t sound like practical at all. Why bother to buy it when you just have to hide it anyway.
Anyway, I never own a Barbie doll personally in my whole life. They were very expensive for my family’s budget when I was growing up. This story just amazed me that toys can cost as much as houses these days – I suppose it matters little to those who can afford. Can I say the same for male enhancement in relation to those who want them?