Saturday, October 16

Our Saturday Morning

I should be flat out doing household chores today because finally for almost 3 weeks, the sun is out on a weekend. But I wasn't although, I have done some washing. As planned, The Tatapilla and I went to the bank to do his monthly deposit to his bank account and did some retail therapy.

As to retail therapy, I really didn't buy the whole shops but we have been everywhere. Our first on the list was a gift for Daddy's birthday and we found one that didn't cost much. Besides, it's just The Tatapilla's gift and Daddy had already told us what he wants. Plus, I bought him some shirts which are really very cheap. I'm so happy about it. I bought some stuff for myself too. And of course while strutting around the shops, we spotted some diet pills but we really didn't have time to linger.

The Tatapilla and I had lunch there and got home with Mcj eating the breakfast that I cooked for his lunch.

So far, Saturday isn't over yet and we already have a fruitful day.