Thursday, April 12

Bread and Making Sandwiches

Before I came in the land of kangaroo, outback and right-hand-drivers driving on the opposite side of the road, I am not really into eating bread nor do I am adept at making sandwiches. Sure I ate bread before but it was basically a pandesal or two in the morning and not wh0le meal or wheat bread. While if I made sandwiches, the spread would always be from take-home-bottle-from-the-supermarket or just a simple combination of tuna and mayonaise - still no-cook spread from the supermarket isles. My meal would always be of staple rice and veggies/fish/meat.

But now, no more! I am already a convert. After my bout with pregnancy sickness, I was back to my normal eating habit and is actually eating more and more each day. I can't really say that I love eating bread - btw, whole meal/multi-grain is the favorite, but I cant deny that I am used to eating it every day and even with all the main meal. Who wouldnt if you can see Hubs scoffed his sandwiches, the drab-food looks so appealing and mouth-watering that you cant deny yourself to have a grub? I still eat rice once in a while, that is, if I can cook it right. :D

I really have fun putting on butter to bread when making sandwiches. It is like painting the whole wall that you shouldnt miss a tiny area. And I now seldom if not use bottled spread, except for the toast in the morning. I am learning how to make it from scratch - cooking the meat, boiling the eggs, etc. My favorite is cheese sandwich - my style, which is painless to prepare but still yummy! Just cut-cheese and various fresh veggies.. viola! Even yummier if you'll cook it, melting the cheese. *that's what I had for lunch* .

With all these, I am still very Filipina in preparing for these meals. Get my drift? :D


cess said...

curious ako - iba ba ang tinapay dyan kesa dito sa pinas? thicker slices perhaps kaya more filling?

what is it cheese sandwiches?? when my mom was preggy with me she said she ate cheese sandwiches everyday. ako in both my pregnancies, i ate cheese sandwiches, with globs of mayo and pickles. and here you are, ganun din. :D

Princess of CJ said...

hi cess! not really thicker but seems bigger but i noticed iba ang lasa if white bread. mas masarap ang dyan sa atin, dito very bland kaya siguro ayaw ko. iba din lasa ng mga buns. ;( and my hubs usually gobbles two sandwiches (4 slices) kaya busog agad. ;P

btw, most bread pala dito is low GI, kaya matagal kang magutom.

i like cheese and pickles also! usually gamit namin yong chutney (indian pickles).. sabi ng mum-in-law ko ganun dn sya when she was pregnant sa lahat ng mga anak nya. i like eating just plain cheese or nilalagay sa omelette. hindi ako mahilig sa cheese when i was not preggy. i think, its a preggy thing. hehehe!