Wednesday, April 11

Lotion Shopping, New Skin

Why is it so hard to shop for lotion apt for my skin during cold days? Maybe because I am just buying the ordinary-supermarket brand? I dont really mind if it is the most cheapos one as long as it doesnt leave my skin dry, frequent application is not a must, with mild and pleasing scent with the approval of my uber sensitive nostrils and not sticky - the latter two are really the key factors.

I was using this brand before - too sticky so not comfy to put on at night, then two weeks ago we bought this - not sticky with mild scent but my preggy nose said yucky and my skin reacts repulsively, then I got this last night - my nose doesnt react, I have yet to find out my skin's reaction. I dont want to waste money [kuripot kasi :D] but the products are usually sold in big containers so those that are not favorite for now will probably be off by the time they are needed. Hummmmm.... One more thing, I am cautious to pay an exorbitant price for those products that I am not familiar or haven't tried at all. Talking of being stingy and practical, I guess. Hehehe.

If this doesnt work after a week or two, this is next on my list. But hopefully, I dont have to do more lotion shopping.


Ok. ok. ok.... like Dangkin, I have nothing to do today.. so I tinker my skin. ;D I think, I did a lot. I dont really like the header - will figure out how to change it some time soon, but I like the layout and the latter, weighs more, so I got it.

Cess, have tried twitter too, and I think, its fun and user-friendly. Thanks!

My fave color is light shades of blue but I never got a blog skin of that kind since then. Some color are nice but just doesnt fit to some things, I guess. But, I noticed, I always got the earth colors... should I switch to earth colors now for my darling shade? Not a bad idea! :D


gracita said...

hi era! long time no visit ako dito sa blog mo! welcome back to you and me! :) glad to know you're doing okay

have you tried the cocoa butter lotion by body shop? they said it's good and safe for pregnant women so you can avoid those stretch marks.

and naiinggit ako sa new skins niyo ni dangkin ha...parang i want to change mine soon too! :)

Princess of CJ said...

hi gracita! welcome back. :D

i havent tried body shop's yet but palmers cocoa butter instead and i dont like the scent. ;( so they say, its good for preggy to avoid stretchmarks.. im not so keen about it as as ive also read that stretchmarks are more genetic and my sibs didnt get it after their first child. hehehe.

Mich said...

hi era!
wow, bagong skin! i love it!
hmmm...i can't remember the brand that i used before (for the stretchmarks) pero, what i did, i applied it every night (according to my OB) to prevent stretchmarks. Luckily, i didn't have one naman. :)

Princess of CJ said...

hi mich! thanks!
good on you for not having stretchmarks! mind sharing the brand? :D

Princess of CJ said...

@mich, sana maalala mo! any lotion with vit a was recommended naman so i am not really fussy as long it doesnt dry my skin. ;D

cess said...

tabi mo lang ang mga lotion mong hindi mo feel ngaon, baka after mong manganak ok na sa iyo :) medyo sensitive talaga ang skin and smell ng mga preggy no :)

yay! may twitter ka na!

great blog design! hindi masakit sa mata :)

Princess of CJ said...

hi cess! thanks!
sabi ko nga may gagamit dn ng mga lotion na yon soon ;D
normal daw talaga na nag-d-dry ang skin pag-preggy and the heightened sense of smell.. twitter ko d mabasa kasi sobrang liit, limited space kasi.. maayos nga maya.

Leah said...

Hi era!

I used palmer's while i was pregnant. it may be a sticky pero ok sya during the cold months. it suited me well. now, im back to vaseline (the yellow variant). suki ko na ito ever since i got here. i would've wanted jergens kaso wala naman dito sa oz. :P

Princess of CJ said...

Hi Leah!

tried to apply palmer's once sa belly ko lang, ayaw ko ang amoy so i didn't bother to use it again. ;D

im using vaseline now, yellow variant din.. d ko pa masabi what's the effect. hehehe.

oo nga, walang jergens. bili ka na lang sa pinas pag-uwi nyo ulit. ;D