Wednesday, April 25

Silly, Silly, Silly Me!

I should be ashamed of myself for posting this, but I just ought to share this "stupidity" in me. Some may have been through the same experience and will laugh at themselves after reading this or I might be of help to somebody else.

Anyway, we bought an extra thick raisin toast bread inlieu of the extra soft bun (with raisins) that I like. Because we went to the shop late, the latter wasn't available anymore so Hubs suggested that we get something similar. It will be my first time with that kind of bread.

Usually, Hubs doesn't have breakfast if he's just staying home. BTW, it's holiday today, so he's home. But because of the raisin bread, he requested me to toast two slices for him, full of butter and vegemite. Off I went to fix breakfast for the two of us, after hanging clothes on the line [I did the laundry last night].

I don't usually toast my bread because I don't like it hard [what's the use of buying extra soft bread, anyway :D] but this time, I made the toaster useful. I used the small toaster that can only accommodate two regular slices and with the extra thick slice of bread, I need to push them down so they'll get burnt. And they didn't popped-out automatically when they're cooked. They're stucked. So what did the ingenious me did? Not really rocket-science. With the toaster still plugged on to the socket and the with the socket still on, I used the bread knife to pop the bread out. Duh!? What is the bread knife made of? Steel! [my Hubs quiz to me afterwards] I was really thankful that it wasnt too late when my "guardian angel" tapped me on the shoulder and told me not to do it again. I could have electrocuted myself.

I had a delayed reaction. I wasn't actually scared for myself but for our baby. What could have happened to him, if I was in frenzy [background noise - zzzzzzzzzzz] and just passed out? So many what could have beens but I can not stop thanking God for not letting anything to happen.

We enjoyed our breakfast.

What was going on in my mind when I did that? Nothing really. I just didn't think what would be the effect. The bread knife was the closest thing next to me and the toaster. I am just the careless me. I haven't grown the motherly instinct yet or do I really hone any instinct to know that what I did wasn't popular? Stop defending yourself! I am not, peanut! Sometimes, common sense is not really common to all. Hehehe! And sometimes, we just did things absent-mindedly. I tell you, I am a big disaster in the kitchen [another story to tell]!

It's another proof that shows I am so in-experienced in the field of cooking and home-making, another occasion why Hubs call me dag, more convincing reason why Hubs wouldn't let me do any serious cooking such as baking without him watching my back holding the fire extinguisher or blanket and very compelling basis why I should really learn the art and nitty gritty of cooking and homemaking.


ladycess said...

hihi, that's alright. at least next time you know better :) or maybe you need a better bread toaster, hahaha.

Princess of CJ said...

hi cess! it will be one of the occasions that i can look back laughing. ;D

we have another toaster that can cook 4 thick slices at one time pero nakatago kasi. tamad akong maglinis after using kaya i make do with what's handy. kasi tamad, kaya ayun! hehe!

jean said...

hi era thank goodness nothing happened. it IS tempting to do that after all the breadknife is always the tool you take out when you toast bread. what we use are chopsticks--wooden ones so its safe :)

gracita said...

good thing your husband stopped you before you electrocuted yourself and the baby. be extra careful next time :)

Princess of CJ said...

hi jean! i was really not thinking when i did it. ;D thanks for the chopsticks idea. we used them to poke the steamed potato to know when its cooked. :D now, it'll be dual purpose.

hi gracita, oo nga eh, buti it wasn't too late. i should really be extra extra careful. :)

dangkin said...

oh..i do this all the time! di ko rin alam na ganyan pala mangyayari! good thing our breadknife has wooden handle--now, i know... hirap talaga lumaki na wlang breadknife.. he.he. :)

Princess of CJ said...

oo nga, hirap din lumaki na hindi sanay sa na nag-totoast. hehehe!

now you know!

pero, hindi ka naman ma-electrocute if you wont touch the tiny wires behind the steel na umiinit (nagbabaga) eh. buti sa inyo, wooden handle. steak knife lang namin ang wooden handle. papano pala if plastic ang handle? masusunog? hehehe.