Monday, May 18

Catching Up

There are lots of Pinoys in our suburb but I don’t really have time to socialise or join a club so I can’t say that I have friends or constant Pinay acquaintances here.

Then, after a couple of months working on the other side of town, I met two Filipinas while waiting and in the train. We have become classmates of sort now. We sometimes see each other on the way home. Nothing much to do rather than talk about our day and what-have-yous but it’s quite fun especially that we talk in Tagalog.

And what can you say when I instantly bond with another Filipina that I was saw in another train station. I usually swap trains on the way home and she was also waiting for the same train as me. I can see that she was tired but I blabbered away and so we talked from there up to til I got off the train. She lives in the next suburb from ours (not really like in the Outer Banks rentals). And before I got off, she gave me Korean food which has a similarity with the Pinoy Pichi-pichi. It was quite nice.

Thanks, Ate Lucy for them.