Wednesday, May 27


I’m sleep deprived these days. Maybe, even if we have a sleep number bed I would still be the same. I’m partly excited and partly stressed. Excited that our trip is three big sleeps more to go but worried that I am not finished packing up. Although, it’s just the last minute details that’s needed, for some reason they’re always the most important things that you should have attended to. And I think, what’s freaking me more is the fact that I want to be organised as much as I can and I put pressure on myself too much that there lingers the thought that I could have missed something.

Well, I pardon myself for being a worry-wart although I am trying to free myself from that negative habit. This is our first big trip with the little boy and having him means careful and tedious planning and execution.

But, ready or not... we are going! So I better be ready! :P