Monday, May 18

On Mothers' Day

I’ve been thinking to post this last Saturday. I thought it would be advanced but I got caught up with weekend chores that I wasn’t able to that day. Sunday is out of the picture.

Anyway, how was my 2nd Mother’s day? Just fine. I was down with cold. We went to visit my FIL at the hospital and bought Italian dinner on the way home. It was our first try in that cafe but we were not disappointed. I actually surprised myself to eat heaps.

My mother’s day presents would be shopping in the Philippines. And the Little Boy, brought home this on Friday.

This is what's written at the back.

This is what the back looks like.

And at the centre is Jens making this wonderful gifts.

My little boy has talent, you know. And he likes painting, writing, drawing. Hummm, he might be leaning on to art career. Too early to say, you reckon?

And, I got lovely set of jewellery from my MIL - a new addition to my collections.