Thursday, May 14

The Trip

In less than three weeks time, we’ll be off to our long awaited holiday in the Philippines. It’s been almost 2 years since I last set foot to my used to be “home”. It’s Mcj’s third visit and Jens’ first. I’m really excited about it that it feels like I’m going on to Vegas vacations, even more.

I’m not excited as to packing though. I’m not ready in that department yet but I’m almost finished with the planning. Hahaha. I don’t count down as it means, I have to hurry deciding what to bring and what not.

Oh well. If ever I forgot something here, I can just buy it in Manila as we would be spending a couple of days before taking a boat to my parents’ place.

Here’s a rough idea of our itinerary:
Leave Oz on Saturday morning and will be in Manila at night.
3 days in Manila
11 days in Bacolod, Isabela, etc.
4 days in Manila again
Leave Manila Thursday night and back in Oz Friday morning.

We haven’t got a definite plan on what to do on those days but we’re hoping of spending more time with my family especially Jens as it is his first time to meet the clan.