Thursday, August 6

Going Green

I’m the first to admit that I am not a green person. I use disposable nappies for Jens. I seldom use biodegradable washing detergent – I choose baby friendly and hypoallergenic. I don’t use cloth bags when shopping. We left our computers, VCR, set top box (just like using Philips AED for some patients) going almost all the time. We use chemicals to kill the weeds around the house.

But I am working on becoming green. I use public transport in going to work. I don’t litter. As much as possible, we buy fresh food. Mcj have been reminding me to use cloth bags when shopping which I always forgot – actually, I forgot where I kept them.

Your Life is 72% Green

You live a very green life, and you're aware of how your actions help the earth.

Of course, it's hard to be totally green. But when you make a tradeoff, you know why you're making it.


Unknown said...

I always carry shopping bag with me. It's a waste of money to always buy shopping bags when we go shopping. You should find them sis and save the money for the shopping bag. hehehe..