Wednesday, August 12

It's Holiday in Brissie

I'm at home, eating fish and chips for lunch while blogging.

Dropped off Jens to "school" around 9 this morning. I then went to the library and Mcj went home. The plan was, I'm going to catch the bus on the way home. It would be two rides and a few meters walk to get home. The bus was taking so long on the first leg that I just walked up to the shops. Did some retail therapy - bought a bag, two tops, organising tray and Jens' education board. And lunch.

Mcj was hold off the phone for at least an hour that he couldn't pick me up so my hot lunch was getting soggy but still hot - from the sun. After an hour wait for the 2nd leg of the bus ride, I rang Mcj and luckily, he was off the hook and told me to wait for him.

I tried to drive from the car park at the shop, I just got frustrated and gave up. You know, you can't concentrate when there is someone nudging you what to do and at the same time, the parking is very tight and you are driving a 4WD. I'm really going to push getting a small card - I'm eyeing for a Suzuki Swift. First, I have to get an online life insurance quote, err just in case, you know (knock on wood) and of course ring up some cheap car insurance.

I have a dental appointment at around 2pm. My day is busy but I'm happy - don't have to think of work for at least another 12 hours.

By the way, it's Ekka Day in Brisbane. We pass it up this year as Jens is just over of a nasty cold and flu. We don't want another health disaster.