Sunday, August 23

My New Baby

Oh, I am not preggers again. Nor I am replacing Jens. Hahaha.

Just this.
My OWN. In my name.

It’s used. I am practical. I can’t drive our car confidently – it’s a 4WD for crying out loud. All I wanted is something smaller that I can use so I won’t forget how to drive as well as the road rules. We were looking for a cheap one but also not a death trap.

This one has always been the car brand and model that we’ve wanted me to have. It’s within the price range that we are willing to pay. It’s cheaper compared to the internet rates.

Our 4th wedding anniversary is 2 days shy of the end of August. I asked Mcj if this is our gift to us. And he said, why does it have to be for something? Oh well. For me it is, so to always remind me how special this car is.