Thursday, August 27

Getting the Hang of It

Of driving that is.

When I was just learning how to drive, I often tell others that I don’t like driving. It makes me feel tired, pressured, stressed. In short, I don’t really like it. Little did I know that I would be influenced and have a change of heart when I have my own car – a car that I can manage and that is good and safe to drive.

I’m enjoying it now. Though, I still have to stop acting like a blonde and try to remember everything that I should need to do before I drive away especially turning on my light at night.

My checklist:
Seatbelt for me and Jens when he’s in the car
Check side mirrors and rear-view mirror
Temperature inside the car
Lights (when it is dark)

I practically changed all the settings in my car – seat pumped up, seat pushed forward, backrest pushed forward – all this makes it a bit awkward for me to get out of the car (as if I would need diet pills to get through) but these new settings allow me to drive comfortably.

I’ve been driving for 4 days now and so far, so good. I’m really looking forward to drive everyday so I can practise parking.