Sunday, May 9
I mentioned in passing yesterday to go to the Markets. One of our friends who owns soft-serve Ice Cream vans go there. We went there late - obviously. And the first thing we did was went to the van and bought this.

We wander around without aim until I remember that I want a wind chime, antique style. We strut everywhere... and I thought, I would go home empty handed. The Tatapilla had a very long ride with the merry go round.

And we wander more and I found a modern windchime so we bought it even if it doesn't fit my criteria. Lo and behold, I found another shell wind chimes that i really like but because we are short of cash, promised ourselves to buy it next time we go there (the same shop that sell these).

We went home exhausted from walking (seems like a good way to quick weight loss) but happy. We have something for each 3 of us.
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At 11:12 pm, Anonymous gengen said........
The last is interesting...happy SOOC Sunday.

At 1:50 am, Anonymous Sherrie said........
Love the wind chime. Very pretty! Have a great day!

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