Sunday, May 9

Happy Mum's Day!

It's the third year that I have celebrated this very special day for all super special Mums. My little boy was coached by his Dad to wake me up and give me cuddles with "Happy Mother's Day, Mum, I love you too". He said, we bought you flowers (which I know they didn't but because of the hype of flowers at the shop yesterday, he was thinking they will). I said, did you? He said, not yet. Daddy said, they'll pick up flowers from the garden.

And this is what I got. And I love it from the bottom of my heart.

As for gift department, we went shopping yesterday and today, and we got shoes for me and a bicycle and several toys for the Little Boy. They are all my pressies. Lol. No best wrinkle filler though. I reckon, I don't need that yet.

For motherly advice for Mommy Moments:

Lead by example because Monkey see, monkey do.
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kimmy said...

happy mother's day..

Chris said...

lead by example... so true! happy mom's day!