Saturday, May 15

Boring or Not?

You Have an Extremely Active Imagination

Your mind is vivid, lively, and colorful. There is a lot going on in your head. You have the ability to make pictures and movies in your mind. You are extremely visual. Your creativity knows no bounds. You don't put restrictions or limits on your thoughts. You have a gift that other people wish they had. So exercise that imagination as much as you want!

I could say that this has some truth to it. And I am thankful to God for that. I imagine a lot because I also believe that if you see things happen, it will happen. Power of mind. I seldom get bored either - I can't remember the last time except of cours when I was playing angry bird in my phone that I got bored waiting for the intervals, I stopped. I love reading, watching and re-watching movies, going for a walk, taking photos, blogging - reading about California car insurance.. and so on. Oh, one important thing, shopping. I mean who can get bored now a days? There are just so many avenues of recreation that you'll have a fit choosing.