Saturday, May 29

What is That?

You Have Your Priorities in Order

For you, your career is usually your number one priority. You don't mind having things to get done... as long as they don't pile up on you. You attend to almost every priority in your life. You don't neglect much. You want thinking to be a high priority, but you don't take enough time for yourself.

I can't say that I really prioritise stuff in my life. I know what's important and that's what that matters. I'm very flexible that I do whatever has to be done. I suppose, I don't have strict schedule or organisation that I have to adhere but yeah, I get things done before due date. I don't like being asked to finish something that should have been done like getting caught up in mortgage life insurance rates. It's just not me. Plus, I lead a very simple life so getting things done is easy.