Sunday, August 22


All hands on deck! Jennifer Aniston makes a stylish appearance outside the New York City studios of The Daily Show on Thursday, where she continued to promote her latest film, The Switch, in theaters today.

She might look to fellow A-listers for style inspiration, but Jennifer proves she can hold her own as she visits the N.Y.C. set of The Daily Show With Jon Stewart in a tweed Dolce & Gabbana sheath.

Sometimes her style looks boring as she's opted for the monotones and bland colours but the fact that they suit her, is brilliant. I put it down to her skin tone. She's forever toned and tan. I mean, digital camcorder don't lie, do they? Unless of course, it has been "shopped".

These are JA latest photos captured of the camcorder (or should I say cam) by the paps.

What I also like in her in these photos is the minimal jewellery. Okay, so much for this.. time to go bang with the digital camcorder reviews.