Sunday, August 8

I Love Spring

Your Soul Is Connected to the Spring

You are an optimistic, eternally hopeful person. No matter how dark things get, you always see the light.
You are open-minded and always up for a fresh outlook on life. You don't cling to ideas or beliefs.
You are sweet hearted and have good intentions. Even though you've seen a lot in life, you remain innocent.
People see you as playful and even a bit airy. You feel free to be yourself, and that's a beautiful thing.

I love summer but I prefer spring as it's neither cold nor warm. Just in between. And oh, the flowers.. the smell of it all around. The abundance of colour everywhere. I can't wait for it actually especially now that we are at the peak of winter. But I need not hurry it up as the weather are like slide shows, that just passed through our eyes and have to be savoured.