Saturday, August 14


I've been reading this book for a week and finally, I finished it last night. I normally read it on the train but I thought I have to finish it - it's thrilling and just anti-climactic if I have to stop. So I forgo watching the 2nd half of the footy to finish it.

When I read the synopsis at the back of the book, I assumed that it would have a happy ending - happy means, he saved the life of his client that he thought is innocent. But he was not able to. He had lots of should have and could have done but I believe that he, along with his colleagues, have done their best in the case. I am still a believer of fairy tale in every stories that I read - I now realised that it's the main reason why I love reading fiction.

Anyway, sometime while reading this book I've been asking why David Dow didn't become a trial lawyer, that way his clients that he believed are innocent wouldn't get to be sentenced of death penalty in the first place. I'm still planning to email him that. My knowledge of the law especially of the USA (can't be bothered to checkout Cheap Online Schools if I have a chance of learning it) is very superficial or even close to none so maybe, the answer to my question is very obvious.

This book has awaken my curiousity on death penalty. It made me asked myself if I am pro or anti. It's hard to be not judgmental and its have to be. I am pro-life though. But of course, I can't speak for the relatives of the victims. I just pray that circumstances such as this won't come my way.