Friday, October 28

Chris Coffee Grinding Experience!

Oh... akala mo naughty noh? Hehehehe!

Chris is really a notorious coffee drinker. He drinks coffee more or less ten mugs, I repeat, 10 mugs... not cups, a day. He's coffee should be black and with one teaspoon sugar in it. Well, the sugar keeps Chris energize for the whole day of activities.

So, when we visited my parents in Isabela, Negros Occidental; we bought almost 2 kilos of coffee beans for ground coffee. I warned him beforehand that, my parents, only drink ground coffee. He volunteered to ground the coffee that we bought since, he will be drinking most of it during our stay. And it turned out, that he just ground one eight of the two kilos and got blisters in his hands right away. My poor husband.. Hehehe! He was so fascinated on how we do things back there that he though he'll be able to do all of them the first time as well. Well, he did, yeah... but you know the first times, right? Hehehe! It hurts! Well, he didn't finish grinding the coffee beans.

Talking of drinking ground coffee, he got a severe headache when we were on our Honeymoon because of the lack of it. I dont know if its just psychological effect, but Tatay had been warning him not to drink too much ground coffee coz his system will have an abnormal reaction with the lack of it. Huummmm... well, he didn't listen.. yan ang nakukuha mo pag-hindi ka nakikinig sa mga nakakatanda...=)