Monday, October 31

today is my birthday

two good things about my birthday are.. its a holiday and monday.. they said, monday is a good day to start anything. well, the celebration is just very simple... an sms from my housemate woke me up... around 9AM. i really dont have a plan as to how am i going to celebrate my birthday.

i also woke mini (housemate /college friend) to accompany me to shop for food that same day. hehehe.. ohhh well, we're going to cook spaghetti, my all time favorite, buko salad, mini's fave... and food for lunch.

ohhhh, this is the first time that i celebrate my birthday with family (my brother) since i work here in manila.

well, i had a "tampo" scene with chris over the phone this morning.. hehehe.. we're going to chat later this afternoon.

two weeks ago.. chris gave me an idea what will be his gift to me.. though i haven't received it yet. he wanted a necklace with locket heart pendant where we can place our picture together. hummm, i have been to lots of jewelry stores.. even to ongpin but i cant find the type that he likes. well, you know he's a perfectionist and always perfectly wants to have what's in his mind for a certain thing. so i cant receive my gift... hummm, hopefully when the gift arrives... it is worth the wait.. hehehe!

below are the the styles of the pendant that chris wants to buy for me... would take ages to find them.. hehehe