Friday, October 28

The Legend

The Legend Of The Prince, His Stallion And The Princess and Her Filly.

Wife's Note: This story was written by the Husband on the 29th of March 2004, dedicated to His then Fiance, now His Wife. (Guess who's the wife and the husband =) Hehehe)


It is from times long since past, times before the written documentation of events, from a by gone era where myths and legends were born and upon those myths and legends that time honoured traditions have been established.

The legend has been told since time immemorial, of the destinies of a certain Lady who did wait upon to be courted, betrothed and wed by a gallant and charming Prince in whom she trusted and believed would come and whisk her away to his far off palace where together they would live happily ever after. And the Lady in waiting’s mount was the finest of all fillies and the Lady’s honour was to be not astride her filly but with legs to one side with a firm grip on the bridle to ensure the filly remains so for it was to be her wedding gift to her Prince and the foundation of the prosperity of the Prince and Princess’s future. Also it was, that the Prince’s mount was the most magnificent of all stallions which the Prince proudly went forth astride thereof. The essence of the Prince’s mighty charger was to be united by husbandry with the filly of the Lady in waiting after the celebration of the Prince taking the Lady in waiting by way of marriage as his Princess and wife. For the seed of such a magnificent stallion coupled with the finest of fillies would produce the greatest prosperity and blessings in which they would both luxuriate in and share in thereafter.

‘Twas but a little season before the Prince arrived and met up with his Lady in waiting and before long the Prince in the presence of many who were gathered about, descended on one knee with a proposal to the Lady in waiting asking for her hand in marriage. Upon the Lady’s acceptance of the Prince’s proposal they then became engaged in the process of planning for the wedding. During this time they noticed that whenever the stallion and the filly were brought into close proximity to each other, that the mighty stallion filled with great desire to have the filly reared and rose up which frightened the filly greatly for such behaviour she had not witnessed before. It was then that the intrepid Princess Elect took hold of the reins of the mighty stallion and with her many natural charms subdued the stallion’s feisty and aggressive desire for the filly. Whilst the Princess Elect was subduing the stallion’s unwavering desire for the filly and assuming the control of him, she had passed the responsibility of keeping the bridle of the filly held fast in the hands of the Prince and with his natural charms, calmed the trembling and frightened filly and tended to all the filly’s needs. So it was thenceforth up until the night after the Prince and Princess Elect’s wedding that whenever the stallion and filly were in close proximity to each other, the Prince tended to the needs of the filly and made sure that her bridle was secure and fast and the Princess Elect took over the handling of the stallion keeping him subdued and calm and grooming him up to the eve of the marriage.

And it was so deemed, that because of the purity and as yet unmolested nature of the Lady in waiting and now Princess Elect’s bridled filly to her Prince, that on the eve of the marriage she was to be adorned in all manner of the finest White raiment so that all that were gathered round about and at the wedding would know and honour her for special nature of her wedding gift to her Prince. At the height of the festivities of the marriage there was a ceremony performed during which the Princess Elect and the Prince vowed their undying Love for each other and marked the occasion and placed an all encompassing band of the most brilliant material on each other’s wedding finger as a sign of their pledges for all to see and regard. Following their pledges and exchanging of the bands, it then was announced the new names of the roles they will play in each other’s lives thereafter. It was also to be, that after the wedding that the Prince would lay the White garment beneath the filly, carefully make loose the bridle of the filly and in a husbandly manner assist the stallion to unite with the filly and become mated to each other.
During the mating of the stallion and filly the once Pure White garments were soiled by the filly during the loosing of her bridle and subsequent mating with the Princes stallion and were displayed to all that sought to see, that the gift of the Lady in waiting was indeed a bridled filly right up to the time she was mated to her Prince’s stallion.

And for as long as there shall be a Lady in waiting, so shall the Legend Live on…


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