Friday, August 11

Scroll Down Memory Lane

Last Sunday, cousin J asked me if I could help her in her take-home mid-term examination in Accounting. I was hesitant to say “yes” as I am not sure that I still remember most of my academics. Yet, I invited her over to the house.

There were 20 problems, all related to Practical Accounting II (that’s the program name in our school) – Types of Businesses and mostly focused on Partnership. How well I remember topics such as recording goodwill, recording capital of the partnership based on capital interest and profit and loss ratio, and the like? I would say, not so much. I was still referring to her textbook. But I would say and I am glad that I still remember the logic and the principles governing the computation.

Whew, it has been eight long years the last time that I have heard and read those topics (now, don’t start counting my age – hehehe). And my work background is not in any way and sense related to it.

But, my effort had been paid-off.

The night before last, she sent me an sms saying that she passed her mid-term. I might not answer all the problems perfectly right but the score fell on the passing grade. Which can also mean, I can still pass Accounting subjects these days without any review. (Well, only if the problems are simply put – hehehe).

On the funny side (Rol, I’m sharing your story here):

A friend teaches accounting (practical accounting II) subject to non-accounting students. In his examination, he asked “what are the common type of business that can you see in your area?”. Since, the topic is about type of businesses, sole proprietorship, partnership and corporation, one would just choose from the three options. He was surprised when most of his students’ answer was “sari-sari store”.

Oh well, they’re practically right, isn’t it?


sandra said...

naku... pasang-awa ako sa accounting nung college :(

Ers said...

i dont like numbers, pero sa accountancy ako in-enroll ng father ko. wa choice. hehehe!

dangkin said...

what is "account-ing" na nga? hehehe.. 'kalimutan ko na rin!

Ers said...

what i know is, it is managing other peoples' business finances but not my own. hehehe!