Saturday, February 6

Latest Gadget

Last Monday, Jens was picked-up early from “school”. They rang me while I’m on the train and I couldn’t hear a word that he was saying because of some noise in the background.

When I got him, he greeted me in the garage and up he went. Then, I heard the noise again. Lo and behold, it’s a synthesiser.

Mcj went to Dick Smith to buy some electrical parts and he saw it and couldn’t resist buying it. He said, it has Jens’ name written all over it – what with the colour combination, it resembles The Wiggles’ musical instrument.

As we are cost cutting, I readily asked him how much it cost us. He said, just a reimbursement from Medicare for two of dockets of GP Bill. Not bad although, it doesn’t include replacement batterieseries. I reckon, it’s worth it as it has now become a family toy.



Mich said...

wow i love this piano! :)