Saturday, February 13

Where To Shop

We do our shopping at one of the major supermarkets here in Australia that we believe is owned by a local. MCJ is supportive of local businesses - although, they sell imported products. We know for a fact that there are other shops that offer cheaper prices. But we insist to go there because we can earn Qantas Frequent Flyer Points from our Credit Card and their loyalty card.

Today, I ran some errands for my Mother-in-law and went to ALDI. It's not a big shop and most of their products are imported. They don't carry the frequently endorsed brands. But men, the prices of the products were so cheap. For a loaf of raisen bread - you could save almost 2 bucks. That's ginormous.

I'm now thinking of going shopping there for some of our groceries (not really for homemade acne remedies). I just have to convince Mcj. We might draw up some budget comparison before doing so.