Saturday, February 13

You Are an Expressive Valentine

When you are into someone, you really want to show it. You know... physically show it. So while Valentine's Day dates are nice enough, you believe that the fun part comes later - behind closed doors. You are a very intense person, and you are a total free spirit. You don't have any hangups. Whether you've been with your sweetie for a few days, a few months, or a few years, you're ready to have the most passionate night possible.

What Type of Valentine Are You?

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No special gifts (like best colon cleanse), flowers, chocolates ( or anything this year as like the previous years. We're not really the type of couples who celebrates special occasions as everyday is special to us.

But today, we're going to the circus and tomorrow is my parents-in-law's wedding anniversary as well as my little boy's 31 months birthday. We'll see what we will do tomorrow.
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