Saturday, March 20


I’m not a heavy user of mobile phone now that I live Down Under. I just use it to keep in touch with friends and family and for emergency reason. I know, I must have been using it often enough but truth be known, I can last a day without looking at my mobile phone as long as I am with my one-and-a-half men. In fact, I only use a prepaid simcard. A 30-dollar credit lasts more than a month. How’s that for cost-cutting.

I’m not concerned with the model of my mobile phone either. I’m currently using a flip-top one and don’t even know the model. Though, I have moments of weakness that I wish to have an Iphone or any flashy mobile phone. But those moments don’t last long. I don’t need it.

And yet, when my boss ask me if I want an IPhone, I said yes after knowing that I don’t have to pay for it. Plus, the company is getting me a contract with our telco. It’s one of the perks of my employment. Should be read as one of things that will bind me with the company?

I signed the documents yesterday and I should have my phone early next week. I’m excited but not to the extent that I’m using sleep aids to go to sleep. Besides, I’m way past the stage and the age of getting hyped up for material things.


Mich said...

wow girl, free iphone is great! :) thanks for dropping by ha!