Saturday, March 20

What Borders between Yucky and Flashy?

In this case, none. Well, I suppose if you’re into Earth and Environment thingamajig, you would have more admiration for this creation.

Yvan Arpa's coprolite watch is a US$11,290 timepiece with a face made from fossil dinosaur turds and a band made from black cane-toad skin (normally poisonous, rendered inert through processing).

The thing is, coprolites just aren't that valuable. Dinosaurs left behind a lot of crap. This site sells coprolite at $8 per pound (it makes a wicked gift!).

I just wonder if coprolites are for sale pound by pound, how many pounds did all the dinos left? Oh, I’ll make it simple. I just want to know if they are real.

For the band to be from cane toad – why didn’t anyone in Queensland think about this? We got heaps of cane toads that when you don’t watch when you open the door at night, they’ll jump in ahead of you.

Look what got me from reading so much stuff off the net. I better check out on the best vitamin supplements.