Monday, October 2

Big Night

Before I have set foot in OZ, I have only heard the sport Rugby. I only have vague idea how it is played and that is, just some sort of soccer. The soccer that I knew of was when the players kick the ball up to their goal and they don on clothes with pads bigger than their shoes.

Now, I know more than that but not entirely the whole game rules or the sport jargons. But I was picking up bits and pieces in every game that we watched. If I can't understand the referee's call, there is always Hubs to educate me. Thanks to him.

And not just the game I am becoming fond of. I have the team to cheer on. The Brisbane Broncos.

I only came to know and watch the game of BB in the semi-finals of the 2006 National Rugby Leage. And I instantly became their fan. I've seen some of the boys in several TV commercials but I can't put name to faces or otherwise. Hubs was just soo patient to point out to me who are they.

Last night was the Grand Final with BB playing on against the Melbourne Storm. The Testra Stadium was packed of 82,000 fans of both teams. It was quite exciting and tense to watch the game on telly and it must have been more thrilling and nerve-racking to be in that big a crowd. I was even rooting so loud that Hubs had to hush me. ;o)

BB bring home the bacon. The premiership was even more special to the team as Shane Webcke is retiring this year. He had a perfect send off. Coach, Wayne Benett was named the best coach in the NRL, winning six premiership in the grand final out of seven.

Emotions were overflowing in the stadium as well as in our house. Hehehe. I found myself in tears watching the players and their families enjoy their triumph and the fans rejoicing.



Surfergirl said...

glad youre enjoying rugby! hehe ako mark tried hard to explain to me the rudiments over and over..i get it but wala akong ka amor-amor sa napaka ruthless game na yan hehe! the only thing i can distinctly remember are the "cabbage ears" players get after playing!! ouch!!!

i like your header!!

Princess of CJ said...

i am trying to be "in" to any sports as aussies are into them. ;)) i have to put up with hubs else, we will be tossing the remote off the air. hehehe. i don't even know that they get cabbage ears. have to ask chris. hehehe.

thanks... some of my amateur shots. ;))

Surfergirl said...

ERA!!!! SUPER DUPER THANKS!!!! HAHA FINALLY FIGURED IT OUT THANKS TO YOUR HELP!! yay :) ill pimp my header as soon as i got time. gotta run for now. thanks again!!!

Princess of CJ said...

hth! hehehe!