Thursday, February 28

1.2.3 Smile

Mitch said, post the cutest smile. So here it is, one of his most recent photos with his new toy.

Mummie who would like to share their bub's photos, you're welcome to do so. :)


On the side note, Jens' at his age is already hogging the bed (a queen size one but not like the platform beds). Sometimes I fell asleep feeding him on our bed and when MCJ went to sleep, he had to squeezed himself in afraid that he might wake Jens if he's going to put the little boy in his bed. Jens likes to sleep in our bed - sleeps deeply than when he's alone - so MCJ and I had to share just the half of the bed. lol.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for doing the tag sis! kamukha mo sya talaga!