Saturday, February 23

My Books

When I was in RP I seldom buy brand new books, unless they were inspirational or motivational books. You know there is Booksale in every mall and even in our office building. That was my source of good reading materials in low prices.

Though Booksale sell pre-loved books, if you happen to shop there when they just opened new arrivals, some of there were actually the latest bestsellers.

I remember, a friend and I would often go down after lunch to check if there are new arrivals or buy magazines. It was fun and relaxing.

Here, I used to buy pre-loved books from the guy in the flea market. Then, it might be last year of before last that he opened a shop close to our place. I'm one of his frequent customers now.

I bought books that were really published very recently at a good price - 400% less than the original price in the cheapest shop. The downside though is the second hand book shop sell mostly UK published books.