Tuesday, February 12

New Tooth at 7 Months and a Whole Lot More

Jens will turn seven months on Valentine. Time flies soo quick. It felt like yesterday when I had pregnancy sickness. Anyway...

He just cut a new tooth. I felt it yesterday when he took my finger and chewed it. Thankfully though, he hasn't started biting me when I'm feeding him.

Plus at seven months, Jens can be a pain in the neck already. :) What I really mean was, he can cover sooo much space when you leave him on the floor. Then, there's the worry of him falling off the floor as he always tries to stand up when he can hold onto something. When in he's cot, he might hit his head on the bars when he stands up and walk along the bars. Even when he went to sleep, I am reluctant to leave him as he stands right away when he wakes up. But I'm not complaining really. Actually, I am very happy as these physical developments were normally shown by 9 months old babies. :)


Anonymous said...

Bilis ah!

Unknown said...

malapit ng manligaw ang baby mo ah..hehehehe...ang bilis ng panahon sis...hindi nakakainip..hehehe..

hi sis, i have something for you here. Happy Valentines Day!