Thursday, February 7

Gutter Problem

The front gutter which was repaired three years ago is sometimes leaking when there's a big storm. I think, it might be full of leaves. Need somebody to climb on the roof to clean the gutter so the water will flow smoothly to the drain. But all the people that are capable of doing it are currently busy with all the projects they've got. And I'm out of the question to do it. :) That might leave the person who fixed the gutter before, you reckon? Which reminds me the name of his van rack is the same with his family name. Funny, eh?

Anyway, it's not raining today.. and the leaking just happened once. It had been raining and flooding in the nearby areas and thank God we were spared. It's the last month of the storm season (Summer) and the guys might be able to fix them soon.