Thursday, February 7

Friends-like Life

Being a stay-at-home-mum-and-wife, gives me time to watch the tube but I am not a couch potato. There are just some program that I love watching and don't want to miss them (I adjusted my schedule just to see them). Most of them were sitcoms and weekly soaps. Yeah, I still watch soap opera here but not the melodramatic ones. One of them is Friends. I love this sitcom. I have some mini-dvd of this that I kept on watching over and over again. I am planning of buying a 10-series dvd box but it's not on my budget yet.

Anyway, why I like it? Because the character of the six of them were all unique and it reminds me of the way I lived when I was a newbie in Manila. I also lived with friends and in a neighborhood full of Ilonggos that we can just hang out at each other's lounge or porch every weekend or at night. Plus the kind of life when we just watch the tube all day - much life the same when Joey and Chandler have new theater seating couch, didn't do any cooking at all and drinks were placed in an eskie within reach. :)

Oh, those were the days... I miss them though. :)


mitch said...

I loooove Friends! I bought the whole series (in VCD pa sa Manila!) and hubby was laughing at me. Baduy ko daw. In the end, nag-r-request pa siya, wag muna daw ako manood ng episode, hintayin ko daw siya! Hahahaha!