Saturday, February 23

My Stash

I'd say women's stash eats a big chunk of the family budget. There's makeup, special toiletries, hoisery, lingerie - not just the ordinary jammies (some even bought for special occasions like bridal lingerie) and if you go with fashion - new clothes, shoes, handbag very often.

I'd say too that MCJ is thankful that I don't wear make-up and he doesn't encourage me to start using. Plus my toiletries are just the usual and common as well as my nightwear. I'm not a high-maintenance wife, well, in that area, yes. I only spend more on hair products.

I've also stopped the Imedific trait. I haven't bought any shoes this year yet. I have longings but I curb them right away by thinking that I don't need them. But I wonder though until when I can hold on my desire to have new shoes.