Thursday, February 7

Holiday Plans

We only have plans to spend a month in the Philippines this year but I'm already excited. It's just a plan until I can have my visa (otherwise, I have to apply for a bridging visa B) and have Jens' passport. But I'm already excited about it.

I have been looking up the net for how much are we going to spend on airfares - we won't be spending a lot on this as mine is already covered by our frequent flyer and credit card award points. And if I'm going to book Jens' with mine, it is free. Well, just the fare but the other charges would only cost us a third of the actual price. I have also been thinking of where are we going to spend time there, the activities, etc. And the most important, it came up in my mind to buy some matching funny t-shirts for us three. We might look like dags but I think it would be sweet.