Thursday, February 7

A Busy Week

... for The Big Guy, that is.

He was half-sitting when he turned 6-months - sitting on his leg with one arm on the floor supporting him. He can't hold himself up when you put him in a sitting position for longer, also. But come February 4, he just rolled his other leg to the front and put himself in an upright sitting position. Yayyyy!

I've said in my previous post (when he was around four months old) that he was already crawling. I stand corrected, he was creeping actually. Come February 6, he actually crawled on all fours. So now, he's clothes don't get as dirty as it used to be when he's on the floor for an hour.

Two weeks ago, he can go on all fours (with the feet not the knees) but he get stuck to it as he doesn't know what's next to do. For some days, this trick was thrown at the back of his mind as it was not shown. But he had been grabbing the legs of the couch to support him so he can stand up, unfortunately the chairs were not built to support him. But as of today February 8, I found him in his cot standing on one corner. I wasn't able to take a snap as he was already whinging but the second time that he did (my back was on him while reading), he actually posed for some photos and showed off that he can eat his mobile.


On the side note, Mummy was also sort of like busy and lazy as well. I think, Jens is in serious teething stage now as he can't sleep longer than an hour in daytime and wakes up several times at night. That left me tired and sleepy and my hands full. Plus the weather wasn't nice, sunny one moment, drizzling the next. It's not good for me as well as for our car parked outside. It has been battered by sun and rain (it and the other car needs car covers).


Liz said...

Time flies so fast, hindi mo mamamalayan binata na sya, hehe.

Thanks for the visit. Happy Friday!

Sreisaat said...

That's a great milestone, Sis. Next time, you and your hubby will be running after him!!

Mich said...

awwww, cute photos! nagiging kamukha mo na sya era! and he's healthy noh?