Tuesday, November 29

3 months of wedded bliss and something =)

its our 3rd wedding monthsary now. well, i am not really counting coz for us, getting married is just a formality to make the relationship legal in the eyes of the people. i have felt being married to my husband when i said "yes" to his proposal more than a year ago.

and being married to him didn't change any in our relationship. maybe, it did.. but for the better. i have been acting the same way as before and same with chris. we had ups and downs... mainly because i am a difficult and uncommon partner. =) right Honey? but we make a good tandem.. because chris is a molder and a perfectionist.

ohhh my, its just nice to remember the day when we inserted rings on each other's third left hand fingers.. and saying "i dos" infront of our parents and close friends.