Saturday, November 12

remembering the place

we were planning for the group's team building yesterday and one
have mentioned that somebody will be going to boracay next saturday. it brought back the memory of a very nice place in boracay.

this is where we had our honeymoon... a private beach on the upper part of boracay island. it took us almost an hour travel from the island port to this beautiful place.

inside, you can visit the butterfly farm. but apparently, we were not able to visit it though its
close to the villa. we were busy then =) . the villas border the 18-hole, 72-par golf course which was personally designed by Australian Master golfer and designer Graham V. Marsh.

The private boat of the resort docked on one of the beaches.

The master's suite of the three-bedroom villa where we stayed.

The fairways.... I really enjoyed the view here.

Villas above the course.

A private yatch anchored close to the beach. What a serene and peaceful view!

The three-bedroom villa where we stayed. Its on the second level. The place was so big for both Chris and I, that we can even play hide and seek. Hehehe. I was even afraid to go out of the room at night or go to the other room even during the day. There's boogeyman there, Chris said.

One of the spectacular views of the resort.