Wednesday, November 30

ang gulo at ang saya

some of the pix that we had in our planning session con team building in
club manila east, taytay, rizal.

there were just two games introduced. one is the logits.. where i belonged to team no 3.. we were the first to finish in the all stations but we were the last because almost all of the eggs were broken even before it was thrown away. hehehe. we had the most eggs but we broke half of them. talking of my carelessness.

he next game is where we form a circle and had to hold the hand of anybody in front of us and untangle it later... that was the most difficult, tiring but enjoyable game. you can see and hear the exasperated looks, the desperate stares and sighs, loudest laughs... but to sum it up.. we were having fun.

we row the kayak tirelessly up to sawa... had also swim til it gets darker. we didn't mind the numb feelings in our torso and back... we thought that we would feel worse the next day but what a heck! this is not so often. =)

the place is very nice and relaxing. lots of flowering plants. it is just right for week-end getaways for families and groups.

there's also a nice water slide but it didn't work for me. i had tried twice but always end up walking down to the last stream.. hehehe. hindi ako madulas. waaaaaaaaa!

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