Friday, November 4

wanna know me more?

get to know me are some facts about me in any order

  1. loves reading romance novels .. my favorite author - - linda
  2. sometimes demanding from my husband
  3. craves for lucky me pancit canton
  4. loves to eat chicken feet
  5. peanut butter is my favorite spread.. and loves to eat peanuts
  6. matampuhin (sulking)
  7. childish and selfish at times.. the dark side of me.. hihihi
  8. deep thinker
  9. madaldal (blah blah blah)
  10. sweet.. accdg to Chris =)
  11. loves to shop for shoes
  12. blue is my favorite color.. just realized recently
  13. obsessive - compulsive sometimes
  14. likes to cut the nails of my husband
  15. i have long wavy hair which we planned to grow down to my butt
  16. fascinated with cross-stitching but haven't finished any =)
  17. my favorite conditioner is suave for kids
  18. likes cheese flavored ice-cream but don't like raw cheese
  19. sleeps at the right side of the bed in a spoon position ;o)
  20. got a GREAT HUSBAND!